Thursday, September 4, 2008

Advanced edition of EMPREX Gaming Mouse

I got one fresh new gaming mouse from BTC the other day. This is an advanced edition of Falcon Gaming mouse-M883AU. Today I played around the engineer sample and looked for what benefits to me. They improved the new Laser sensor to provide better sensitivity and cursor moving speed for more hard level Games.

After I played this mouse in a while, I was impressed by this new Falcon's outstanding acceleration and precise orientation. Specially when I played SF-online, it's easy to dodge the enemy sniper gun shot, and fired back to score quick. Well I think BTC knew ours demand for gaming more. This new mouse would satisfy more Gamer in the future. I guess the release time would be on the 4Q before Christmax.

1 comment:

Poster said...

It's kinda a cool mice especial the light in logo.