Thursday, September 4, 2008

Advanced edition of EMPREX Gaming Mouse

I got one fresh new gaming mouse from BTC the other day. This is an advanced edition of Falcon Gaming mouse-M883AU. Today I played around the engineer sample and looked for what benefits to me. They improved the new Laser sensor to provide better sensitivity and cursor moving speed for more hard level Games.

After I played this mouse in a while, I was impressed by this new Falcon's outstanding acceleration and precise orientation. Specially when I played SF-online, it's easy to dodge the enemy sniper gun shot, and fired back to score quick. Well I think BTC knew ours demand for gaming more. This new mouse would satisfy more Gamer in the future. I guess the release time would be on the 4Q before Christmax.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

New treasured sword for playing games - 9051H Gaming KB V.S. the General KB

Once again I went to find that Gamer on my neighbor Internet Point. He ardently showed me his treasure device - 9051H Gaming KB. This time I requested him to compared these 2 KBs, and told me what advantage is it to let 9051H be his choice. I wish his great experience could tell us why we need this 9051H Cheetah KB to playing online games.

Throw away the general KB! A hero match the treasured sword. A loyal courtier expect the great master. What are you waiting for? Get this 9051H to be yours!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Hardcore Gamer played CS online game by 9051H Gaming kit

One day I went to looking for my friends on neighbor Internet Point. I found one Gamer playing the Counter-Strike(CS) online game by himself keyboard and mouse.

He told me this was a fresh new tool for gaming now. It spent little money to get great powerful value and feature for my online games. He was so glad to get this gaming kit, and that is today leading role - the Cheetah Gaming kit. And this Gamer will tell us how to use the Cheetah Gaming kit to play CS.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dynamic Lightshow can't be working ! why?? Let me tell you the solution.

I looked for the help on the UI(user interface) of 9051H driver. and try to play the volumn control function. I had found the solution accidentally...

Friday, July 11, 2008

The multi-color backlight ( they called that "Dynamic Lightshow") is unusual.


When I set up the programmable keys and listened the pop music at the same time, this 9051H keyboard flashed the backlight by the beat. And that made me a shock by its multi-color.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

9051H got the Excellent Design Award from Taiwan famous PC magazine–PC DIY, June 2008

9051H depend on the great performance and the powerful gaming feature to get this honor. Cheetah Professional Gaming Keyboard is unique device in the gaming market. And we believe that 9051H will be kept pace with another hi-end gaming keyboards. Let the hardcore gamer have the new choice to the better.

9051H has calm and steady style for industry design. When you arrange in pairs with your gaming PC, then 9051H will like the Cheetah be ready for fighting. With sudden light and dark backlight, there is swift activity inside the Cheetah. Be waiting for his master to dominate this monster attacking the enemy in virtual gaming world. 9051H is ready for you. Do you want to receive a challenge to the Cheetah!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

BTC's 9051H Cheetah "pro" keyboard and mouse

Posted Mar 16th 2008 2:54PM by Ryan Block

We might like it more if Behavior Tech Computer Corp. were in the business of creating devices to assist in BF Skinner inspired experiments, but instead they've just got stuff like this 9051H Cheetah keyboard / mouse combo. The board has that righty-oriented FPS key cluster, backlit keys that change color according to typing speed, comes bundled with that generic looking laser mouse with variable DPI (800, 1300, and 2000) and two programmable buttons. Sorry folks, no listed price or availability.


Monday, March 10, 2008

Press Release-9051H Cheetah Professional Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Kit

Behavior Tech Computer Corp., a leading keyboard and mouse manufacturer in Taiwan, is introducing 9051H Cheetah Professional Gaming Keyboard and Mouse kit with high-tech gaming hardware specially designed for PC gamers.

9051H Cheetah Professional Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Kit

The Cheetah Gaming Keyboard features 17 individual keys specifically for gaming input commands. The unique gaming keys are ergonomically designed and laid out on a gaming wheel for adjustable gaming positions. The keyboard features two sets of user customized commands configured in A and B memory modes, and can be setup for different games, or within the same game for different character controls.

The Cheetah Gaming Keyboard use patented multicolored backlight technology that can be enabled at the press of a hotkey. If the speed of key presses increase during intense gaming, the color of the backlight will gradually turn red. When the keyboard is left idle mode, the backlight of the keyboard will glow blue.

This Laser Gaming Mouse reigns supreme with a true 2000dpi Laser sensor, which enables movement speeds of 2 times that of a standard 800dpi optical sensor. In the meanwhile, 2000 dpi Gamer - Grade Laser Engine for enhanced tracking on a wider range of surfaces.

Gamers may now use 3 DPI Shift to speed up or slow down the pace of the mouse at their fingertips. Click to quickly shift from 800,1300 to 2000 DPI as the scroll wheel changes color -800(green) / 1300(blue) / 2000(red) dpi resolution between shifts.

It also provides two programmable gaming buttons - Virtual-Run button and Wave Action button. In game play this powerful and useful Wave Action button, fires forever with just one click, and holding Virtual-run button, let you instant 180 degree turnaround to easily defeat your opponent.

Like a Cheetah attacking its prey this gaming keyboard and mouse kit will enable you to play games with breathtaking speed and ultimate precision ! Join the gaming elite using the 9051H Cheetah Professional Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Kit — your competition doesn't stand a chance!


Emprex gaming keyboard-9051H bundled with ASUS Gaming PC displayed in Cebit show this year!!